Every dealership has their own unique marketing co-op situation. 4040 Group can handle them all, big or small. Below are a few special stories.

Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram - Texas

This store has been sold since our work with it.  For over 4 years we maintained a 100% collection of PAP Funds and Bonus PAP Funds.

Special events successfully got an average contribution of $10,000 Ram Reveal grassroots funds.

This former GM is available for a reference upon request.

Chevrolet - Texas

This store started with an in-house person who was not versed in co-op. She was a secretary who had many other responsibilities besides co-op. She submitted only what she was given and did not know that the smallest incorrect details when submitting to GM Co-op cost the store 50% GM Match Fund Forfeitures and fast-pace spend the dealer's contributions.

Many eligible vendors such as AutoTrader,, internal eblasts, newspaper ads, and CarGurus were not being submitted. Media claims were almost 60-days old before being submitted. Thousands of GM Match Funds were being lost due to errors.

The first month the 4040 Group took over we started by attending the monthly marketing meetings and knew the advertising/marketing budgets. The GM Match money bleeding was stopped completely. Including DCI Marketing and CDK Global forfeitures. The store also realized and additional $20,000 a month in collections.

Phase 2 was to redesign billboards to make them co-op eligible and create monthly internal CRM eblasts that we billable for co-op. Additionally we took over print ad design so that it was co-op eligible and Search Marketing management. The last addition was to add a targeted monthly Facebook paid ad for selling cars.

The program is now streamlined, seamless and successful. Not one dollar of forfeiture has lost.

This owner is available for a reference upon request. & GM Co-op

For those GM dealers who spend money on we can promise you with 99% certainty that you are NOT getting your money back from co-op... and you should be!  And that's for ANY new car package with - even if you DON'T pay for any of their banner ads.

We will collect these moneies for you!